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Post Tendon Sheath Injection Recommendations

We would like to make several recommendations pursuant to the treatment your horse just received for tendon sheath inflammation (tenosynovitis). Please click HERE for information pertaining to the palmar/ plantar digital tendon sheaths which are most commonly affected in the horse.

A combination of weak steroid as well as synthetic high-viscosity hyaluronan were infused into the affected sheath(s). An analgesic (pain killer) was administered along with the sedative to reduce discomfort during the procedure, and 2 grams of phenylbutazone were administered intravenously to reduce discomfort over the next 12-24 hours. No more medication for discomfort is required.

Please do not bathe your horse for 24 hours following the procedure. Although the inject portals seal very quickly, we request that they not come in contact with water for at least 24 hours, as this may further increase the chance for contamination.

Resume exercise gradually. The presence of medication in your horse’s sheaths can result in mild discomfort that can last for several days. Therefore, we suggest giving your horse some time off prior to resuming normal exercise. This will allow the medication to take effect as well as the secondary problems (such as back soreness) to subside.

  • Stall rest ONLY for 24 hours after injection. After 24 hours, turnout is permitted.
  • We recommend not exercising/ riding the horse on the day of treatment as well as one day following treatment (i.e. a total of two days).
  • You may resume light work (i.e. walking and trotting on a loose rein) during the subsequent day (i.e. day 2 post-injection).
  • Normal exercise may resume on the third post-injection day.

Monitor the injection site(s) for increased swelling, heat, pain, or any other abnormality(ies).
Please call IMMEDIATELY if any questions or concerns arise: 678-867-2577.

Monitor performance: determine 1) the DEGREE and 2) the DURATION of improvement.
Your horse’s response to the injections will play a large part in helping us develop a future performance maintenance regimen. The effect of the medication typically maximizes in 2 weeks post-injection, so wait 2-4 weeks to assess the initial response.

We will call you an average of once weekly to check on progress.


If you have any questions regarding our post-treatment recommendations for your horse(s) please call our office at (678) 867-2577. We look forward to serving you!
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