WINDPUFF is a general term designating non-specific swelling around the fetlock area of the horse, typically along the back of the limb. Although enlargement of the digital flexor sheaths are the most common source of this type of swelling, effusion (synovial distention) of the fetlock joint, for example, may also be categorized as a "windpuff".

PD Versus Fetlock Swelling

Windpuffs are not always clinically-significant. The majority of horses with windpuffs (particularly in the hind limbs) have no associated lameness. In these cases, windpuffs are considered to be cosmetic blemishes rather than performance-limiting problems. Consequently, they may not warrant treatment.

Chronic insignificant windpuffs tend to be bilaterally symmetrical (similar on both sides). A call to your veterinarian might be justified if swelling is decidedly one-sided, recently increased in size and/or possibly associated with lameness.

The Atlanta Equine Clinic - 2013
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