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How to Custom-Make a Frog Support Package

by Drew Golden, CF, APF

Drew demonstrates how to custom-design and fabricate your own Frog Support Pad:

STEP ONE. Horse shoe on the left; piece of foam board on the right.

STEP TWO. Place the shoe on top of the foam board. Trace out the inside of the shoe and cut out the foam board template.

STEP THREE. Cut out a section in a leather pad to match the configuration of the horse’s frog. Then place the shoe over the leather pad and attach the two. Then place your foam board template over the leather pad, within the branches of the shoe.

STEP FOUR. Flip the package over, so that the foam board template is on the bottom.

STEP FIVE. Trace the frog out of the foam board template and remove that piece. Then adhere the foam board template to another (full) piece of foam board by removing the backing of the latter. Make sure that the white (backing) side of the template is facing up, so that it doesn't end up sticking to the leather pad.

STEP SIX. The completed foam form is pictured on the left. Apply the shoe and trimmed leather pad combo to the horse’s foot (pictured on right).

STEP SEVEN. Place the foam form inside of the shoe, on top of the leather pad. Make sure that the foam board template is facing towards the sole of the foot and sits within the branches of the shoe. The yellow arrow is pointing to the remaining recessed area (or defect) within the foam board template.

STEP EIGHT. Pour the defect with a media of your choice. Allow to cure fully. Remove the full piece of foam board, exposing the underlying foam board template and poured frog component.

STEP NINE. Remove the foam board template, leaving only the non-stick backing which is then easily removed from the surface of the leather pad.

STEP TEN. Customize the size, shape and consistency of your frog pad as desired. Pictured left: Step-down pour/ heel plate. Picture top right: Floating of a medial heel quarter to address a hoof crack. Pictured bottom right: Heartbar configuration without screening.


Angular Limb Deformity

Sample of Finished Product





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Additional options include:
Pouring the toe and leaving the heels open to fabricate a suspensory-type shoe.
Pouring to the ground surface along one side of the foot to suspend it relative to the other side in soft footing in cases of distal interphalangeal (coffin) collateral desmitis.
For more information about FROG SUPPORT PADS visit our CLIENT EDUCATION LIBRARY HERE
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